Sustainability Workshops April 21st

Most of these workshops will be provided by The Green House Pauoa teachers, various undergraduate students from UH Manoa and other organizations such as Olomana Gardens. There are various times listed but sustainability will be occurring all day on campus, so don`t worry about the time just join in on the creations and changes occurring on UH Manoa campus.

10am: Decorate and paint to create garden art that compliments your home garden.
11am: Rain catchment and utilizing the resources around you. Learn to build your own Rain Catchment system to reduce consumption of limited aquifer water while reducing your sewer bill!!
11:30am: Build your own solar oven and solar dehydrator. Experience the knowledge and hand-on workshop that will get you cooking for free and preserving your garden harvests.
12noon: Composting common household food waste. Learn to build your own compost pile that demands little maintenance and will be ready for harvest in 3months.
1pm: Aquaponics workshop and Design. Learn to build your own closed system aquaponics system to sustain a beautiful gardens with little maintenance and no watering!
2pm: Vermiculture and the worm life. Learn to build your own worm bin and compost all your food waste and paper trash to create beautiful organic fertilizer or worm tea!
2:30pm: Bokashi composting and more.
3pm: Design a raised bed garden from salvaged wood on the street and create a re-used organic garden for your home or apartment.


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