Vendor/Booth Application

* Earth Days 2011 *

*We have changed this event to be entirely free to vendors and all business, therefore the people who have already submitted checks will receive them back on the day of the event but we will be accepting any cash donations the day of but that is all.

In Honor of Earth-Day at UHM

Booth-space/Vendor Application

Earth-Day is for everyone!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the annual Earth Day festival in honor of Earth Day 2011 at UHM.  This year we are putting an even stronger emphasis on socially and environmentally responsible booths and vendors to help us celebrate the 41st anniversary of Earth Day. The purpose of this event is to showcase, educate, and celebrate with the public, the collective efforts of UH and the extended community’s in our growing movement toward a sustainable community for Hawai’i and beyond.

Our Mission for Participants

To provide local artists, musicians, vendors and sustainably oriented businesses/organizations, an opportunity to showcase their efforts to the community, network, educate, and sell/promote their products and services.

Criteria for Participation

Product / services / cause must demonstrate, engage, and educate participants in sustainability. In our third year of planning Earth Day at UH we are striving to reach a goal of zero-waste so all vendors who are selling items must use reusable bags to package. No single use plastics will be tolerated. Please be very specific in what your booth will be selling by including: where your product is from, what it is made from, why it is sustainable. We love to support our local vendors so please be thorough with this process! Each vendor needs to be a stand-alone system i.e. supply your own tables, chairs, tent, tape, scissors, shade structures, and other set-up materials. Please  note that the event will be outside and there will be no-limited solar electricity available.  Garbage and recycling facilities will be provided.

April 21st: General Program: 10 AM – 5PM

Vendor/Participant Booth Drop-off & Set-up:

8:00 am – 10:00 am

Daytime Marketplace:

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

RSVP by April 5th

In order to reserve your booth-space, please fill out the registration form online.  This event will be free to all communities and vendors.they may send this application via email to

WRRC Environmental Center
> Attn:  Earth Day
> University of Hawaii
> 2540 Dole Street, Holmes 283
> Honolulu, HI  96822

Attention: UH Manoa Earth Day

Booth/Vendor Application

Booths will be open from:

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Participant Name or Title:

Circle Those That Apply:

Business/ Non-Profit/ Artist or Artisan/ Exhibitor/ RIO/ UHM Org/ Other School Org/ Selling Food Products

Contact Person Name or Title:

Phone: Email:

How are your products / services sustainable? (Please be specific as to where your products come from, what they are made from and how they contribute to the environmental, social and economic well-being of the community)

Will there be products or services for sale at your booth?  If so, please specify the types of goods / services that you will be providing for sale. (If you are selling food products, please make sure that it is packaged with the intent to be consumed outside UH grounds. Food products sold may not be consumed on campus grounds. Also, please make sure any packaging is biodegradable or reusable).

If there will not be products or services for sale at your booth, please describe the sustainability related content that will be provided at your booth.

WRRC Environmental Center
> Attn:  Earth Day
> University of Hawaii
> 2540 Dole Street, Holmes 283
> Honolulu, HI  96822

You will receive confirmation of your booth reservation via e-mail.  You will also be notified of additional instructions in a vendor-information email prior to the event.

Please direct questions to

Mahalo for your interest and support!

Open to the general public, Earth Day is for everyone. The event kicks-off on the 20th with scampus awareness and culminates on the 21st with sustainability workshops, music, food, movies and a community collaboration focused on a more sustainable Hawaii.  Participants will enjoy socially and environmentally conscious businesses and organizations, artists and artisans creating and selling their work, technology demonstrations, a recycling drive, plant sales, live music, cultural performances and great food.


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